Monday, September 21, 2015


I can be scattered sometimes. I start projects and put them down to move on to something else. It's not OCD, it's just that I lose steam for one thing, and get excited about another. So, I'm putting away the ceramics and getting back to my original love - metal clay.

In the past month, in addition to trying to make product for the upcoming Craft and Design show (in November), I decided to create a blog for absolute beginners using metal clay, AND to institute a series of workshops here in Richmond called Studies At The Studiolo.

As a regular lurker and participant of (almost) all discussions about metal clay on Facebook, I see that although there are many educational options for more advanced students, beginners tend to have to fend for themselves. Either by reading books, viewing videos, or counting on local instructors to really know their stuff. Which sometimes they don't. So the Spring Studies focus on introducing an emerging metal clay maker to all the basic skills they'll need to get started.

Summer Studies invite experienced users to step up their game by learning some new concepts and techniques while making a variety of interesting hollow objects. Each workshop is 3-4 days long ensuring that there is plenty of time to work, interact with fellow students, and just plain have fun!

I love teaching. I love metal clay. I'm honored to be able to blend those two loves. And I'm really excited to put these two blogs out to the community. I hope they'll inspire a few fabulous makers to plunge into the art of metal clay.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

We need more of this kind of thing!

Lora Hart said...

Thanks Unknown. ;) Glad you find it helpful.

carol said...

great idea Lora, hope it goes well