Monday, November 12, 2012

Studio V2.0

After settling in to my lovely new studio space, an opportunity arose in the same artist's co-op to move into new digs that would include use of a common teaching area. Of course I had to jump on it! I had almost finished setting up when it was time to tear it all apart again and re locate into two (of 7) smaller studios that are clustered around an 8 person work table. Actually the move wasn't all that horrendous. I piled the contents of a shelving unit onto a rolling cart, rolled said cart a few hundred feet to the new space, downloaded the supplies onto the common table, moved the shelving unit, re stocked the shelves, and repeated about 10 times until everything was re-situated.

Original space

Now I have a separate room for supplies and teaching equipment, and another for clay work and soldering. And I just love it. It feels so much cozier in the smaller unit, and I can just roll my chair around to move from station to station. This studio is very different from the one in my tiny apartment in LA. There I had to keep almost all of my tools and supplies in drawers because there wasn't enough room to spread them around and let them lay. And I didn't want my living space to look too messy. Here I have an entire 'bench' (Ikea table) to dedicate to sawing, soldering, and use of the Foredom. I get to keep my vise and bench pin clamped to the table, instead of putting them away after each use and never have to worry about tiny pumice stones jumping out of the lazy-susan pan and ending up in a kitty's tummy.

1. The conference table points directly to my window. 2. My clay/computer desk
is situated in front of the window. 3. The soldering and metal work bench is located
against the back wall. The kiln *may* move to the storage room, and the 20 drawer
unit was found on Craigslist for 20 bucks! 4. My storage studio has room for a couple
more tables, perhaps for the kiln, a soon to be purchased belt sander, and definitely
the very loud vibe tumbler. The wall was already painted when I took custody.
The only possible negatives to this arrangement are that: 1. There's no way to vent fumes to the outside in this internal, cinder block, room so I'm going to get a small venting fan from Rio for when I'm soldering and I'll run the kiln as I leave for the day so the nastiness can dissipate during the night. 2. The common table is available to other folks, for instance the three lovely people who have been having an actual conference while I've been typing this, or the kids ceramic class that meets here 2 Saturdays a month. But I can schedule as many days with the table as I like and most of the time it's pretty quiet around here. And I'm right next to the cafe (nom nom)! I can deal with the tiny inconveniences for a set up like this.


Anonymous said...

Both spaces look great, but the second one looks like it would be easier to work in---with storage in another place! Wow! Best wishes!


Lora Hart said...

Come over and help me mess it up!

Zoe Nelson said...

How do you like going somewhere else to work? I've had my studio in my house for so long that I couldn't imagine it being in another location. Your set up looks like the best one I've seen for an away from home space.

Lora Hart said...

I'm really loving it Zoe. I worked in my home for years too, and couldn't imagine making the move to an outside space. In fact I was complaining bitterly while looking for and finally renting this studio. It was too far! 10 whole minutes. I'd never get myself up and out! etc. etc.

But I find myself wanting to come here everyday. I actually love the absence of kitties (and kitty hair), and like the way I feel when I walk in the door of my apartment at the end of the day.

I'm still setting up and doing some computering, so I haven't done a whole lot of making since moving here, but with the little I have done - I can tell this is gonna be a really inspirational space.

Cindy Silas said...

Your new studio looks amazing, and I think the three separate rooms fit you to a T. Can't wait to see what you create! :))

Angela Crispin said...

Wow, Lora! That was fast! What a cool place, even more so than the first. And that teaching space looks just perfect! So happy for you that you found this opportunity and that you are already enjoying it so much. Congratulations!

Donna Penoyer said...

Oh, yeah, baby, I was hoping you would be able to nab that space! It's wonderful, and you SO deserve it. I'm so happy for you! Huge hugs.