Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sneak Peek

"French" style earwires are
soldered to the back of the
focal in this basic example.
The wonderful Senior Instructors of PMC Connection are hard at work re imagining the Level 2 projects. Level 1 was updated last spring and Level 3 is not far away.

With only two projects, this certification workshop will inspire artists to inject their own personality and creative voice into a pair of earrings and a pendant. The bonus is that the time allowed for each design will enable the student to work at a much more comfortable pace than in the past.

A more complex design
may include multiple jump
rings and post earring backs.
Each Sr. Instructor is making samples, taking notes on their construction, and sharing their findings. We'll work and re work the criteria until we think the techniques taught in each project will cover a variety of new skills that will inspire our students to produce uniquely personal, and professional looking jewelry.

First up (for me) - Burr set gemstone, pierced earrings with original textures. This project involved designing and creating an original texture sheet, setting faceted stones in unfired clay using a gem setting burr, and soldering. In addition you'll learn how to measure stones and roll clay to the corresponding thickness, use some traditional metal working tools, and perhaps work with a flexible shaft machine.

Students who have previous experience in any of the techniques taught will have a free hand to make more complicated designs, include more solder joins, use hollow construction or doming techniques, or customize their designs in any way. If the class will be your first introduction to these skills, you'll be encouraged to 'Keep it Simple Sweetheart'.

Tomorrow I'm going  back into the studio to start on the twice fired, bezel set, cabochon pendant exemplars. We're hoping to roll out the new edition of the Level 2 program very early next year. I can't wait!

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