Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend Eye Candy -Steel Edition

This weekend I'll be taking a steel jewelry class. The photo in the catalog is of a pair of earrings, so maybe that's what I'll come home with. We'll be learning how to solder on steel, which is very different (and more difficult) than soldering silver or copper. Exciting!

Then on Sunday I'm going up to DC to see the Smithsonian's Craft2Wear exhibition with Cindy Silas where we'll meet up with Jeannette LeBlanc as she helps her friend Kathleen Nowak Tucci man her booth.

Have a great and creative weeked!

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Angela Crispin said...

Oh, Lora! You are going to love working with steel! It's strong yet malleable in a very different way from silver or any of the other metals. I've been playing with it for a couple of months now and totally love it! Ignorance is king ... I didn't know about the soldering part and don't have classes available near me, so I just jumped in head first and have been soldering it just like silver with solver solder (paillions) and so far so good, but I'd love to know the difference! Let us know how it goes and, specially, show us your class goodies!!! 0:-) xo