Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Eye Candy - Stress Edition

As I get closer to moving from the city I grew up in (Los Angeles) to a new town that I'm admittedly not very familiar with (Richmond, Virginia), I'm feeling the stress a little more each day. Where will I live? How will I adapt to new temperatures and landscapes? What am I thinking???

The reasons why I decided to move at the age of 55 are all still valid. I want a larger living space/studio and real estate prices in Los Angeles are prohibitive, I've been craving a change of scene since the turn of the millenium, and a I have a burning desire to shake up my complacency to see where it leads.

But those reasons don't make the reality of my move and all that it will entail any easier to deal with. Cousins. Cousins will make the move easier. And I'll see them in April when I go out for a test run of the Visual Arts Center where I hope to start teaching full time next fall. But for now, I'm feeling a little flummoxed with all the terrors of moving myself, my car, my belongs, and mostly the kitties. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of leaving the wonderful metal clay community and teaching venues that I built from scratch over the past ten years. But at the same time, I'm looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities that I'm about to encounter. Just waiting for the anticipation to blossom into reality.


Lorena Angulo said...

You are going to be very happy in your new place my Lora. I am sure a lot of good things will start happening to you.

Angela Crispin said...

It's going to be a wonderful experience, Lora ! You've been preparing for it and all will go well, even your kitties will be happy!
The energy you've put into this dream move is opening up the ideal space for your arrival. The April class and what follows at the Visual Arts Center is proof if it! Hugs and much light guiding the road to your new adventure and home!

Hugs o:-)

Joan said...

I hope your move is everything you are seeking. I have moved many times in my life. I know the fear and the excitement. I also know it is a ton of work to get everything moved! Good luck to you and just hang in there. You will do just fine!!!
Joan Furilla