Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Word of the Year

Many people like to make resolutions right about now. It makes sense. The new year is starting, the seasons are changing, and we want to join in with the cosmic renewal too. At least for the first couple of months.

I don't like setting myself up for failure, so I've stopped with all that nonsense. How many times have we all dedicated ourselves to one uplifting promise or another, simply to let the desire fade away. How many times have I said in the past year that I want to start posting here regularly. And then life gets in the way yet again and this space is static.

Last year I decided to adopt a new idea that's making it's way into our collective consciousness. That of choosing a single word to guide me throughout the year. The word for 2011 was Risk. And I did risk a bit. I submitted a ring image to Lark books. Didn't get in - but it was a difficult submission for me to make for some reason and I'm really proud of myself for taking that step. I proposed a seminar talk for the next (and last) PMC Guild sponsored conference, and was accepted! I made the decision to move to Richmond, Virginia. That won't happen until the fall of 2012, but to make the transition easier I proposed a weekend class at the fabulous Visual Arts Center there, and that was accepted too - I'm rather thrilled to say. There were a few more risks that I took, but I won't bore you with a self-aggrandizing laundry list.

Cockroach series by Cami Ruh Clemo. Just one example of using a
single theme to drive creativity.
The last risk of 2011 I undertook was to propose a new jewelry making challenge to the folks who participated in RAD and RAW. Neither of which I followed through to completion. Mostly because I was tired of making rings. For this year, my thought was to see how making a series could raise my personal work to a new level. That way I could design rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces or even tiaras if I chose.

Work by Vina Rust. Another way to take advantage of a series by using the
same materials (commercially made tubing) and theme (cell structure) to
create an entire, cohesive, body of work.

So I created the group on Flickr, sent out one comment on FaceBook, and now there are over 100 members of Four-a-Month (FAM) who are all as excited as I am about this challenge. So, that's my word for 2012. Challenge. I'll challenge myself to see this one through to the end, to post more regularly here, to vaccuum my floor more often (about twice a year is how I roll at the moment), to submit to calls for entry that I'm not sure if I'm right for, to 'work' my website, and to think of more challenges that are bound to make me a stronger person.

Will you join me? In FAM for sure, and perhaps in choosing a word for the year to fuel your creativity? Or do you prefer to stick with the tried and true resolutions? How do you like to take advantage of the new year?


stacey maddock said...

i'm in!

Sophia Georgiopoulou said...

Count me in, Lora!

Holly Gage said...

Risk and challenge are two great words. I admire the way you are pushing yourself. It isn't easy to go into the realm of the unknown.
I'll have to think really hard about my word for 2012, but I definitely will.

carol gregory said...

Lora, I've joined FAM, know I'll miss some in the middle of the year - travels including to PMC Conf so will see you present! Will think about a word like risk, challenge takes me back to my old day job, but perhaps PUSH or STRETCH might be mine

Lora Hart said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Carol - there's no need to worry about doing every single week/month. some folks like to 'make up' extra projects to fill the numbers, and some, like me, are just thrilled to have been able to do what they are able to do.

We're glad to have you all take part.

Judypag said...

Lora, I also joined FAM and hope it will be the fire to get me going. My word this year is actually 2, I guess I could hyphenate it, show-up. Nothing happens until you show up and I will show up for myself this year! Happy New Year!

Lora Hart said...

That's an EXCELLENT word for the year Judy!

Vickie Hallmark said...

I like the sound of this challenge much better. I just can't deal with that many rings! ;-)) I, too, need to work on a collection, so I thank you for letting me join you in the process.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I'll try to rise to the occasion and take on this challenge. (It's basically how I was thinking of approaching my designs this year anyway, so it's actually perfect for me.) I've decided my word will be fearless. --Kit