Monday, January 30, 2012

How'd She Do That?

Last week a Flickr contact left a comment on this photo. She said: "This photo is actually very helpful to someone like me who knows nothing about metal work... glad you shared :)"

Kathryn's bench
I guess there are a lot of creative makers of many different disciplines that aren't really familiar with traditional jewelry making techniques, aka 'fabrication'. Fabricators use saws, metal stock (flat sheets and wire), torches, files and hammers to create a piece. Hammers are also used in 'forging', 'chasing', and 'repousee'. Wax carvers cast their models into metal. But a fabricated (or metal clay) model can also be cast in multiples by making a mold.

I thought I'd search for some good examples of these techniques to give the interested ones in the audience an introduction to different techniques.

Follow the pictures in this Flickr set to see how Kathryn Reichert makes a Posey ring.


Susan said...

As a fellow metalsmith I love looking at others benches as well. I always discover a new tool or alternate way of setting up my bench by studying others space. Thanks for sharing...I have always admired Kathryn's work (and studio space) as well!

Palm Coast vocational school said...

Though nicely organized (for now, i know :) That looks like a pretty smallish work bench, at least for me, and specially if any welding is being done.