Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekend Eye Candy - New Year's 2011 Edition

Weekend Eye Candy - New Year's 2011 Edition by lorahart
1. BUBBLES - coctailring, 2. New Year's Ring (RAD #1 - 1/1/10), 3. Effervescence Brooch #1, 4. Sally Wright, 5. Day 10 Champagne bubbles, 6. ring a day 1a, 7. RAD #8 1/8/10, 8. Urbanscape Wine Stopper, 9. Isabelle Ring
Hap. Py New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Eye Candy - My Rings Edition

Well, I didn't make it all the way through either Ring a Day in 2010 or Ring a Week this year. But I learned so much by participating in the challenges. I expanded my skills, became more familiar with a two gas torch, used my imagination in unusual ways and basically had a great time. And I'm thinking of another challenge for next year! Oy vey! ;D

Seeing all these rings together lifts my spirits and massages my ego. I'm really proud of this work. Even if there are ring brothers and sisters trapped inside my ennui.