Friday, May 13, 2011

Accolades and Appreciation

I've been very honored to have been recognized in very exciting venues recently. The other day Metal Clay Academy (MCA) featured an interview with me in their wonderful newsletter. It was doubly sweet because Lorena Angulo was also profiled. I admire the work and service that MCA does for the metal clay community and being introduced to their readers is very exciting for me. Thanks to Emma Gordon for her great questions and nerve settling attitude. Join the mailing list to get the newsletter and see my feature.

I'm also so thrilled to be included in the SNAG/RAD exhibit at Punch Gallery in Seattle. The Society of North American Goldsmith's is holding their yearly conference in Washington and the exhibition of rings is a fabulous honor for all of the RAD artists. Their were 16,000 rings made for the challenge last year and 365 were chosen for the display. 65 artists are represented in the show and four of my creations are included. Angela Crispin and Lorena Angulo of the metal clay world also have pieces in the exhibit. You can go here to view more photos of the gallery. Many of the artist's tagged their rings, so be sure to get to know all the wonderful people I played with last year.

Many Thanks to the curators - Shannon Conrad, Colleen Baran, Kathryn Cole, Nina Gibson, and Sara Westermark for the wonderful display.  I love the way the rings were grouped and displayed. Thanks goes to Sarah Hood as well for all the auxiliary support, displays and SNAG liaison-ing.

I wasn't able to find my Paintbrush ring, but I'm sure it's hiding somewhere. Wish I were hiding there too. If any of you get to see the rings in person, please let us know just how fantabulous the exhibit is. It's at Punch Gallery until May 29, 2011.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Look and a New Website

I guess you can see that something's changed. Paled a bit. Dressed down. Made Under. I'm playing around with a new website that will house all my various cyber spaces in one convenient home base, and I wanted them to all have the same look.  The Gallery and shopping cart will be the last to appear, so please bear with me during my construction process.

The drop and drag template builder I found is wonderful. So easy to use and just as simple as I would have had a web designer create. I found it by just clicking on the link at the very bottom of a site I admired. It pays to look at every nook and cranny online. Now you can find the link at the bottom of my new site! Gotta make you work for something. ;D

I'm open to suggestions - so don't be shy. Tell me what you think so far!