Monday, April 4, 2011

RAW #14

Sterling silver, fine siver, copper, mabe pearl. Fabricated.

Lessons learned:
• Practice is getting closer to perfect
• Flowing the solder on one element first and then re flowing to attach to the second element means so much less clean up!
• Old doggies learn new tricks all the time
* I really could use a hammer hand piece.

Lesson's I'd like to learn:
• How would someone with a fully equipped studio set and finish this?
a. hammer hand piece?
b. fine tune/file bezel height?
c. can it be finished with rouge or other after the pearl is in? I used a pumice rotary disk. How would you shine up the bezel?
d. should I ever take another picture on my hand? Look at those cuticles! No, don't.

1 comment:

Wanaree said...

Neat piece, that looks like a tricky bezel to set. Your hand look good to me! Every time I see a photo of my hands I cringe.... shredded and permanently stained green nails are not attractive, I like to call it the "zombie mechanic manicure."