Monday, March 21, 2011

RAW #11 & 12

 I love a rainy day! But not when I want to take pictures. :\ Don't know why the porcelain looks so green.
The shank and bezel base were fabricated from a scrap piece of metal clay that was textured and fired flat. FS bezel wire, hand made porcelain cabochon.
Lesson's Learned:
• Cutting tabs with a cut off wheel is not as easy as Andy Cooperman made it look. I probably bought the wrong tool.
• I like the look of tabs!
• Practicing soldering skills using discarded scrap is a good idea, until you
make something you wish were sturdier.
• It's all fun and games until you do something you knew you shouldn't have done in the first place.
• Metal clay that is 3 cards/22g thick does NOT a ring good shank make.
• I think it's time I bought some stock.
• Playing with porcelain is fun!
• Bisque fired porcelain gets very dirty if you don't wash your hands after patinating the silver.
.999 bezel and base, .925 shank, handmade porcelain cabochon.


jenniferpolson said...

I love the bisque fired porcelain! The minty color is beautiful!

Vickie Hallmark said...

Just lovely! I love that marquis shaped ring.