Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Metal Clay Cares

I don't usually comment on world topics here on my blog. I like to stay neutral and mind my own business. But the world sometimes takes another view and when the earth has something to say - everyone needs to take notice.

We may not be feeling the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan yet here in America (even though there have been strong waves along the west coast and in Hawaii) or in other parts of the world, but we soon shall. Nothing of this magnitude will remain a local event for long. But we are certainly feeling personally affected as we see and hear about the devastation in Japan.

Silver metal clay was developed in Japan by Mitsubishi Materials and Aida Chemical Industries so our community is understandably shaken and concerned. A fund has been set up that will pay for a Shelter Box to help provide relief to the people who have been displaced by this horrible event.

I've donated the proceeds from my first 2 Mentorials to this effort and hope that whether you work with metal clay or not, you'll help us send an entire box (worth $1000.00) to comfort and aid the survivors of the earthquake. You can read more about the donation and see the link here.  Thank you for reading and responding.


honeyandollie.com said...

I am donating $2.00 from every sale in my Etsy shop between now and April 15. Plus I have a couple of pieces that I will donate 100% of the profits from (and am spending today making a bunch more that are purely for donation.) Shelterbox and Doctors Without Borders are the other two charities I've been pointing people towards as well.

I think that it's a pretty important thing for people in our community to do, thanks for posting this.

Margaret Schindel said...

Lora, I appreciate your using your popular blog to publicize the importance of donating whatever we can to help with the disaster relief efforts in Japan. I made a contribution this morning and have written a post on the MCAM blog about the collective donation initiative to Shelterbox on behalf of the Global Metal Clay Community.

Whether one gives individually or as part of the group, ANY donation of any amount matters. Thank you for your contribution of both funds and publicity to this important cause!

~ Margaret