Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Student Mosaic - Hinge Edition

I taught a really great 4 week class in January with 11 motivated and talented students. This pendant was their final project. They learned how to make simple hinges and apply frames to insert a photo. The the photo was sealed with UV resin and a staple hinge pin was bent into place. Each student altered my original design to come up with the most beautiful pieces

Tonight I'm starting an 8 week class at another venue and I'm looking forward to even more creative inspiration. As a teacher I love giving artists the tools and information to realize their vision. But the best part of any exchange is the knowledge that I always seem to receive back. Through the years my students have given of themselves, inspired me and taught me a few tricks that I wouldn't have thought of.

Taking and teaching classes is such a fulfilling experience. I really don't know how my life would have progressed without the wonderful craft movement that's been taking place for the past decade. Here's to the art of Making. *clicks glass* Go out and create something beautiful today!


Phoenix said...
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Vickie Hallmark said...

What terrific students you have! Obviously, they used their talent combined with the amazing inspiration of their teacher to come up with these treasures.