Sunday, February 20, 2011

RAW #8

Sterling Silver, Brass, Fordite, Pearl. Fabricated, Soldered. Thanks to Tamra Gentry for the beautiful Fordite.

Lessons Learned:
• 22 gauge brass isn't any easier to work with than 18g
• My flirtation with brass and gallery wire is over for a while
• If you melt a couple of the gallery wire prongs - just cut off others in a symmetrical fashion and pretend you meant to alter it in the first place.
• Binding wire helps.
• Pre polishing hardware store brass, even though it came in a plastic bag, will eliminate troublesome polishing after fabrication
• Dressing inexpensive tools is worth the time and bother instead of always having to sand out plier marks after using them.
• I'm really enjoying fabrication.
• Perhaps next time I should wipe the fuzz off my photo background!

1 comment:

Phoenix said...

wow, I have not seen fordite in a loooong time . . . some of the coolest stuff! Beautiful ring (did you set that on a sprue?) and as usual, I appreciate your 'happy accident' philosophy :)