Monday, February 7, 2011

RAW #6

Copper scrap from a class taken, 30g etched copper from Etsy, polymer clay transfer from a class taught. Pierced, filed, formed, screw riveted, curled a la Lorena Angulo.

Lessons Learned:
• Even when you know you're not making a truly wearable ring - use all the skills you possess to fabricate it. You'll learn  a lot in the process.
• Playing with materials with no expectation of perfection is really fun.
• Silly and fun designs can inspire proper finished items. I have a brooch in mind.
• Experimenting with old and forgotten scrap frees the mind and aids in discovery.

The top of the ring is a sandwich assembly. First a large piece of 30g etched copper with slits around the entire perimeter goes on the screw, the nut is tightened and the rest of the bolt is cut off and riveted. Then another small 30g piece of copper, a piece of white paper, and last the transfer. Next all the slits were curled on with round nose pliers and bent up and around the image. That's what holds the sandwich together.

I will say that it's not the greatest assembly technique. Since it's only one screw - the top can turn - even though the screw was really tight when I made it. Ah well. Such is the creative life.


Vickie Hallmark said...

Thanks for the extra photos of this fun piece. You make me think I should try taking the challenge less seriously. Fun ideas come with having more fun with the idea.

I really like your "lessons learned" format.

Lora Hart said...

I really do think of it as a challenge to challenge my process. Not simply a request to make a ring a week. It's a chance to experiment.