Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RAW #5

Sterling silver, fine silver, paua shell. Roll printed, soldered. 
Roll print blank made in class taken 3 years ago. Size 7

Lessons Learned:
• Flattening a seam before soldering may make for better/flusher joins. There's a little channel on the outside seam - although it's completely soldered and joined.
• Even when the top and bottom are flared - you still need to make the ring larger to fit a specific size.
• Cutting and filing both ends of that little 1.5mm piece of wire at the same time is the right thing to do. If you wait until after a longer wire is soldered to the bezel cup, then try to hold the cup with pliers as you file the other end - you end up crushing the cup. Ask me how I know.
• Having light bulb moments as you type is exciting. Maybe I could have sunk the cup into thermoplastic to hold it as I filed. Then there would be no crushing. Hmmm...
• Sometimes an idea comes out almost as perfectly as it was in your imagination. 
• Simple is good.