Saturday, February 5, 2011

An aMUSEing interview

I'm excited and honored to be the featured Muse Personality on Tonya Davidson's blog today. Tonya's personality interviews are usually to be found on her fabulous newsletter and I think I'm the first one to migrate over to the blog.
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Being interviewed is an interesting experience. My first thought was "Really? You think any one would be interested in me?" And my second was "Well, it's about time!" Ha! Dueling halves of my ego battling to see which emotion would win out. And I'm happy to say it's the latter.

I just bought a great book called Buddha's Brain. It's written by two doctors and discusses the way that the neurological pathways in the brain control our outlook, emotions and ultimately our happiness. We all have caveman brains that were developed to help us save ourselves from danger. Fight & flight and stress hormone producing reactions to negative experiences did us good when we had to remember to take care when facing the unknown. Those impulses still take precedence which is why we tend to go to "half empty" thoughts first, remember negative memories more easily than good ones and find ourselves battling our low self esteem tendencies so often (at least I do did).

The good news is that the book details ways that you can change those pathways to create a happier outlook! I just started reading it, but I'm already more conscious when Negative Nelly rears her prehistoric head. It's never too late to teach a mid aged dog new tricks!


Angela Crispin said...

Of course it's about time, Lora ! ;o) Great interview too ! thanks for the name of the book, could be just what I need ... :o)

Phoenix said...

Awesome Lora! Thanks for continuing to live out-loud and share the journey with us!