Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RAW #4

RAW #4 - Mosaic, originally uploaded by lorahart.
Sterling silver, fine silver, brass, porcelain doll. pierced, soldered, roller printed, bezel set.

Lessons Learned:
• Brass is much more difficult to solder than copper
• 18g brass is a bear!
• When piercing, slow and steady wins the race. I'm really proud that my oval needed almost no filing to perfect the shape.
• When forming gallery wire, a jig is really handy. I'm also really proud that the gallery wire outer bezel fit like a glove.
• The little torch rocks for making little balls on both sides!!
• Cleaning and polishing the inside of a double bezel is really difficult. Any tips out there?
• When setting a 3D object, having a heatless wheel to grind the back flat is fabulous.
• When doing something that is really above your skill set, be really happy with your successes and realize that the next one will be even better.


Roberta said...

Great job on the odd shaped bezel. Not easy!

Jetsens Reentry said...

Terrific job!

Cathy said...