Monday, January 17, 2011

RAW 3# - Caught in a Trap

Metal Clay, fine silver, carved shell, cubic zirconia cabochon. Made during a class taught.

Lessons learned (and remembered after the fact):
• Items made during a class are never as finely finished as I would have liked.
• Two thin shanks joined together create a wide shank.
• Wide shanks need to be made a size larger to fit comfortably.

• A hammer handpiece might be fun to play with. If it weren't so expensive.
• A hand carved item will never be symmetrical.
• It does no good to stress about an off center setting. Tell them that's what you *meant* to do.


Vickie Hallmark said...

The curbic zirconia is inside the shell? That's awesome! I love hidden goodies.

Phoenix said...

happy accidents . . .? what kinda shell is that and how did you carve it? Oh - Good morning LORAH! Lovely ring . . . I like the double band look and the shell is really pretty and the patina is nice. I particularly love how you share "lessons learned" thank you!

your biggest fan :)

Lora Hart said...

I bought the shell at a show. it was already carved. And I foolishly did not save the info on what kind of shell or what country it came from. Doh!

I'm going to include lessons learned on all my rings this year. Glad you like them. ;D

L ~