Monday, January 10, 2011

RAW #2 - Mommy Under Glass

.925, copper, rutilated quartz, photo
Lessons Learned:
• soldering copper is different than soldering silver
• a wider band might have helped the huge stone sit on my finger better
• using up my 10 year old scraps is fun - I made the band in 2003
• large quartz cabochons magnify anything that's under them - which is a great thing in this case. this photo was tiny.
• bead wire is fun to use
• when at first you don't succeed - try, try again!


Angela Crispin said...

What a lovely ring ! Congratulations in putting it all together and to such good use ! Your mom would be proud ! What a beautiful lady !!! And I just love the photos from that period, so much class !
Love the idea of the magnifying quartz cab !!! YAY !!!

Phoenix said...

That's gorgeous Lora! I too, love the magnifying quartz idea ... the twisty band is great and I love how you share so much about the process.

Joan said...

This is a beautiful ring Lora. It does everything right.

mairedodd said...


Cathy said...

Sweet, Lora! Love how the quartz does that... and silver at $75 an ounce?? Maybe I should sit on the scrap I'm preparing to turn in... :)