Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RAW #1

There's another personal challenge happening at Flickr. It's called RAW - Ring A Week. I'm in on this one for sure. I tried to make a Ring A Day last year and did great for the first 3 months, then I simply fizzled out. But I think I can manage 52 rings in a year. I'm going to try to improve my metal skills as much as I can.

 I tried to do some solder inlay in the kerf, but found out that it didn't work at all! I just made a mess. I think folks who do solder inlay as a decorative accent must flow it into a engraved depression, not a void.
Since 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit I used that as inspiration for my first ring. I found an image I liked on Google Images, sized it down in Photoshop and printed it out. Then I used a glue stick to bond it to a scrap piece of copper I had lying around and sawed it out with my fabulous new Knew Concepts saw. Did a bit of sanding and thrumming in the kerf (thrumming = thread charged with compound to sand with, kerf = the void that the saw removes) and soldered it to a piece of thin iron (or is it steel?) from an old undergarment - if you know what I mean.

I learned a lot in this exercise. And had a ton of fun. Why don't you join me?

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Triton said...

Maybe I'll join you-that would be a great way tojump-start my reinvolvement, huh? I just finished my spinner ring, or is it supposed to be done with traditional methods?