Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back on the Horse?

Well, the end of the year is at hand and that means the end of the RAD (Ring A Day) project on  Flickr. I made it through 3 months of rings before I bailed, but there are some folks who have soldiered (or soldered) through every single day making one ring of one kind or another. Some "real" metalsmithed rings and some conceptual creations.
Marthe Le Van - Security envelope and red ink

RAD developed a life of it's own as Lark Books took notice and is working on a book to be published in the fall of 2011 - and I'm so proud to say that a few of my rings will be included. Not sure which, but the anticipation is thrilling! Next some very dedicated makers brought the challenge to the attention of the SNAG conference coordinators who decided to present an exhibition at the Seattle conference in May 2011. Then Punch Gallery jumped on the band wagon and will present (and sell) the rings at a group show following the conference. I'm equally thrilled that I'll have some rings in those two events too.

Lora Hart - Plastic Spoon, Cubic Zirconia

I've been kind of sad that the challenge is ending. It was a wonderful experience and inspiration while I was taking part, and it's been an inspiration to see all the fabulous rings that are still being fabricated by all the talented, continuing artists.

Tomi Durgin - Fabricated Sterling Silver

But wait.. Thomasin Durgin also know as "MetalRiot" (who has made some of the most thought provoking and wonderful entries) decided that the fun doesn't have to stop in 2011! The new incarnation will be a ring a week. That's only 52 rings instead of 365. A much more manageable endeavor. And I'm thinking about jumping in again. And you can too!! Anyone with a way to make any kind of ring and a Flickr account can join the RAW group. You have another two weeks to start sketching. Jump in at any time and post when you're able. C'mon! Join me!


Tammy Wagnon said...

WOW! LOVE the spoon ring! SO Clever and pretty!!

jacqui fehl said...

the spoon rocks. You can eat ice cream with your fingers and still look fabulous!

Amy said...

Count me among the folks who love that spoon ring. It's just beautiful--and it looks almost like marble in the photograph.

Donna Penoyer said...

Congratulations on all your exciting doings. You deserve every bit of it! I'm so glad to know you. You're not only a great artist but also a fantastic writer. Your blog is always great!