Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

I have just about the best job in the world I guess. Where else can I teach all I know, get to work with talented people and have too much fun in the bargain?! I taught a Level 1 certification class this weekend to 6 lovely women who all made beautiful jewelry. They were so motivated that I was actually able to work on a little some'in myself. I never complete a project in a class I'm teaching (or one I'm taking for that matter) and didn't really finish my little tea pot, but just being able to work on it to a recognizable state means that my students were more than capable of completing their tasks with minimal shoulder hovering by me.

Work by the lovely and talented Dawn Miller, my charming apprentice

Margaret Hamilton had never so much as touched metal clay before Saturday!

Michelle Vandenbroeck made the most fabulous vessel complete with a stopper and moveable "barbells"

PattiDean Wohlford is a Senior Instructor with Art Clay Silver (teaching in the San Fernando Valley)

I adore the "champion" wreath on the half lentil and the dimensional leaves on the dichro project by Sherri Armstrong

Isn't the "S" Tracy Karbus added to her little vessel just darling ?

And here's my little work in progress

If you missed signing up for this L1, there's another scheduled for November 13/14. And save the date - the next L2 is tentatively gonna happen January 15/16 (location TBD). Hope to see you there!


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I'm blog-browsing today and yours was the first one that popped up. I saw the gorgeous pieces here and thought it was all metal work! WOW!! I really must learn this metal clay you all are making such beautiful pieces out of!