Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hold Me Back

The Flickr Ring A Day project was started on January 1, 2010 by Nina Dinoff. I got on board right away, but only lasted 3 months. Many of the current participants are members of the Etsy Metal team. One member, Katherine Riechert had the bright idea to send out little bundles of inspiration to other participating EM members. Victoria Takahasi (Experimetal) continued sending out surprise packages and now Sara Westermark has generously thought to include non EM team members too!

I don't know if it was all my Facebook grousing about my high levels of ennui and my low levels of motivation or if I just lucked out, but what to my wondering eyes did appear at my mail drop but a little white envelope filled with 15 teenier little brown packets of.... I don't know what! Along with the goodies was a list of rules. First and foremost, and most cruel of all - "If you open a package you have to use it or use it for inspiration and make a piece within 24 hours! No Peeking!"

What! Arrgghhhh... I'm already late getting ready for the first night at Otis and my hair is filthy and I have to take a shower and I have no time until the weekend and this is worse than Christmas. Even for a Jewish girl! I feel like Gollum. Wanting to fondle my pretties, pet them, admire them and hide them away to fondle another day. Sigh. *Is* anticipation a good thing? The jury is out. But Thanks Sara! Can't wait to hit the bench now.


Ruth Shapiro said...

Very clever- you have drawn us in! I love it! Now I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Easy fast, if you do it!! ;-)

Tammy Wagnon said...

I am like Ruth!! I am drawn in and can not wait to see what your treasures are...and what clever thing you will do with them! How FUN!!

Jetsens Reentry said...

I read this after 10 pm on the 15th - I totally expect you to have posted picture(s) of your excessively fondled creation by this time tomorrow night! Have a blast!

Maria Apostolou said...

You got your package.... great! That means you're back!
I'm waiting for mine to arrive the next days. Sara is so kind and generous!

Angela Crispin said...

Oh! Cooool!!! You lucked out!
I've been dying to get my act together and get back into it again too. My main problem is lack of time and energy right now. I hope to get my act together and continue to play.

You're in for it now ... we'll all be waiting :o) !

TesoriTrovati said...

Now THAT is a wicked cool way to inspire someone! I used to do something similar with my 7th grade writing students where I would make them pick an object out of a bag and they had to use that in their story. Can't wait to see what you make!
Enjoy the day!