Monday, September 6, 2010

Book 'Em Dano!

I'm in love with books. Almost any kind. I grew up with an actual library of them in the den. A whole wall's worth. There were my Mother's psych/social work tomes, classic novels, musical scores (I adored the Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook, so sad that it's lost to a moldy storage locker now), Bibles, dictionaries... all with hard covers - some bound in leather.

(The den in my palatial childhood estate. Wasn't my Mommy a great decorator? There are more books to the right and in the cupboards below - along with my Father's accordion)

And it seems as if I inherited the book hoarding gene. I've still got all my gorgeous childhood picture books (in a trunk in the closet); one bookcase filled with art/jewelry/hand craft inspiration; one with novels, inspiration and old journals and still more books in bags that I have no room to display. This is one disease I have no interest in curing.

Books are a gift. Especially when they come to you unexpectedly! I've gone to my mail box four times in the past month to find beautiful books. Thanks Universe.

Okay, one of them I actually ordered. I decided (on a whim, late at night) to create a "Look Book". I was watching "The Rachel Zoe Project" and she had one with the new fashion collections. So I made myself a vanity print filled with my own jewelry designs on Shutterfly. And it turned out beautifully! I ordered 7 copies. What on earth will I do with all of those? Good grief. I actually like it so much that I might do one every season. I'm in for it now.

Tim McCreight was so excited to get the proofs for the next PMC Guild Annual that he generously thought to mail the jurors a set too! The loose pages are stunning. I can only imagine how beautiful the bound book will be. Thanks so much Tim!

Somehow I got on a list over at Lark. A while back I received 30 Minute Earrings. I'm delighted to say that I'll have a project in 30 Minute Rings, so I was really curious to see what it might look like. And if Earrings is any indication - I'm thrilled. It is, of course, beautifully shot and laid out. Would Lark do otherwise? But the projects people! The Projects! There are earrings made with mixed and found objects, simple and elegant wire wraps, soldering challenges (love the solder inlay project), sawing, metal clay, riveting, fold forming, cuttlebone casting... the techniques go on and on! Although you do need a basic understanding of the methods described, I think it would be a great idea for any beginning jewelry maker to start at the beginning of the book and work their way to the back to get a feel for what each discipline is like. It's a perfect jewelry making primer. And a well scripted "handout" that's as valuable as any beginning class. Challenge yourself, gift yourself with 30 minutes each day (or every weekend) to do nothing but play. To allow yourself the freedom and joy of pure creation, without the angst of coming up with a design. It's all laid out for you. Take advantage of the gift and see how many unique and exciting earrings you can create in a year!

THIS is a Dreidel?!

Then last week I was shocked to discover a copy of the latest Lark 500 book in my box. Now *that* is a gift! 500 Judaica, Innovative Contemporary Ritual Art is just fabulous! I don't care what your personal faith is, this book is photo illustrated with exquisite examples of ritual tableware; textiles; toys; sacred objects; furnishings and texts that will inspire and delight you. There's even a glossary in the back that briefly defines and describes the various terms used throughout the book - giving the casual reader an insight into the meaning of each precious object. It's my goal to own every single book in this series. 500 Judaica is my 11th volume. Thanks Lark, for pushing me past the decade mark.


Ruth Shapiro said...

Beautiful blog today, Laura! Yo're not only a jewelry artist, you're a true artist!

I can't wait to get my hands on the 500 Judaica book!


Ruth Shapiro said...

Sorry, I misspelled your name- early morning fog...

Vickie Hallmark said...

Your space is gorgeous! I wish the photo would zoom up bigger so I could really see what's there! We,too, are book hoarders. Some days I think the top floor might collapse from all the weight.

Can we order copies of your Look Book? I want one!

I like the idea of making a regular collection.

Lora Hart said...

Vickie, The first photo is the den of the house where I grew up. it was sold quite a few years ago and the photo is one taken by the realtor. I WISH I had a space this nice!

Do you REALLY want one of the books? It's only 20 pages long you know. A silly little fluff of vanity. It's $11.00 if you're serious about it. Let me know.

I thought I'd stick one in my teaching kit to show students and have one out on my selling table.

Lorrene Davis said...

Absolutely great blog today, Lora. You are an amazing, talented woman.

Tim said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lora. As you might guess, I'm pretty fond of books myself. I used to start my design classes by having the students make their own sketchbook on the first day of class. By the way, samples of the bound version of the Guild Annual arrived this week and you're right — they look great!
-- Tim

TesoriTrovati said...

mmmm....with a mother who worked in public libraries and a father who was the VP of sales for one of the countries largest book manufacturers I am always surrounded by books. I would love to have gifts like that magically appear in my mailbox! I would treasure them and share them and blog about them. I am so excited to hear about the 30 minute earrings book. I tried to submit some pieces but I guess I was not what they were looking for. I can't wait to see what you made. And I love your Shutterfly idea. I wish I had thought of that for my gallery exhibit. It would have made a nice keepsake for all my bead artist friends who participated.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration today!
Enjoy the day!