Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy - Chain Edition

Chains! Love the really intricate ones. Hate to make 'em though. Which is why the Lords and Masters of the metal clay Master's Registry probably decided that a hand made soldered chain should be included as one of the projects.

Soldering is a basic skill that every jewelry maker should know and try to master. And after making an entire chain, I know I'll have the stamina to try anything. I mean, I *do* do a bit of soldering now. I solder earring posts all the time. And have made some bezels for cabochons.

But, believe it or not, soldering jump rings is tricky. I melt more than I solder correctly the first time; sometimes I leave the heat on so long that I fuse 3 or 4 rings together (which makes the chain hang and swing funny), and setting everything up so that the soldering process is easier is a skill in and of itself. [Look at picture #3 row 3]

I'm thinking that making the chain will be a breeze for me. And that attitude is exactly what's going to get me into trouble.

1 comment:

Phoenix said...

GO LORA, GO LORA, Make that chain! Use your brain! Go Lora!

Maybe not a great rhyme . . . but a sentiment filled with positive artful positrons to help you through!