Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is what I'm working on today. And dang it all if it isn't all finished jewelry by the end of the day! Maybe if I document my tasks, they'll actually get done.

Should the round hollow thing be a pendant or a brooch? I can't decide.

I'm listening to a Pandora station based on Minor Swing from the movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman. I'm in love. Saw it on Saturday night and can't get it out of my head. It's a gray overcast day. A perfect one for chai tea, enjoying the lounging kitties and jewelry making.


ddicarlo said...

very nice Lora... Are you home today?
Can I come by?

Nicola said...

Oooh ooh they're fabulous I love the eye one (is that your perfectly arched brow I spy?)
Pretty Kitty too!
Nic xx

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I inherited my perfectly arched brows from me Mum. Those are hers.

Lynette said...

round hollow thing should be a brooch, and I like the ring next to it!

Terri said...

I believe it was Juliette Binoche, not Natalie Portman. Wonderful movie and music. And wonderful jewels too. I love the frames-are you teaching a class in how to do them?

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

You're right. I was confused. Rachel Portman composed the soundtrack.

I *am* teaching the frames. A two day on the larger, deeper ones like my Woodland Altar this weekend at The Beading Place in Tustin and the smaller ones on June 5 at Glendale. Love to see you there! :D

Amery said...

Love all the new pieces- you're a busy bee today! And the ring is totally kickass!!!!!

I say brooch- even though I'm not someone to normally wear one, but I think it suits it. Classic but really cool & different.

Angela Crispin said...

Love all of them, with a special preference for that coolio ring !
For the other piece, make it a brooch-pendant, that way you don't have to choose ;o)

Phoenix said...

I'm with Angela, brooch-pin.

WIP has come up a lot ... I have a fair amount. AnD I've been sick :( So how much did you get done? :)

Thanks for sharing the pretties and the kitty.

I'll see you at A & A next weekend.


kait said...

Documenting things TOTALLY helps get them done! I know I benefit from friends reminding me to finish and post pics...;)