Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy - RAD April Edition

I tried. I did my best. But I've dropped out of the Ring A Day challenge. It was too much for me. Not necessarily the time it took to make and photograph some of my rings, but the mental, designing, daydreaming portion.

I really admire all of the participants who have stuck to their guns and will continue making a ring per day until December 31, 2010. Even when they just wrap the napkin from dinner around their fingers and snap the pic with a cell phone - it's an admirable undertaking.

And there is some truly amazing work being done, some stunning photos being taken and some inspiring imagination being sparked. Thanks to everyone! And to Nina for starting the whole thing in the first place.


Donna Penoyer said...

It would be an accomplishment just to view all the great photos of rings other people have made, let alone to actually make a 365 rings this year! If only I were a cat and had nine lives.

Phoenix said...

As always, great picks and really it is an accomplishment to get to see them all. There are several in this grouping that I missed and I am participating :) You are missed Lora