Monday, April 5, 2010

Jewelry Manifesto

Most amazing 5 minutes you'll ever spend.

From the fantastic maker of these.


Priscilla Vassão said...

So true! Specially for many of the "organic" jewelry we see around these days... If I can see the solder/join/metal overlapping, it's not organic, it's just sloppy!

Phoenix said...

that was interesting . . . it left me with more to consider . . . related to my imperfections and how I sometimes work a piece until I break it :)

Shawny said...

I cringed watching that video, just imagine what one slip could cut off.

A Day in The Life said...

Honestly? I think your pieces are amazing, but not everyone likes to work with the precision that you have mastered. Some of us like a more direct method, complete with all the trappings that hammers, pliers and other evidence of the artists' "hand" provides. To label all work that isn't precise and perfect as lazy may be a little harsh. I like my new mantra, "just anal enough!"

Thanks for making me think though! Take care!