Monday, April 12, 2010

Friends in High Places

First off, I had a terrific weekend with my Level One certification students. They were all really talented and creative and lots of fun was had by all! Can't wait until the Level Two in July!

Then I was looking through the May issue of Art Jewelry Magazine and realized that I knew way too many featured artists! It was so cool to see work by people I know, read articles by teachers I've had classes with and see cyber and real life friends celebrated so publicly.

Whole Lotta Whimsy has a beautiful ad on page 9 featuring work by three Master Muses. Aren't the new graphics beautiful?

The wonderful workshops at Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery in England are featured in the news and announcements, complete with a photo by Julia Rai - the first artist to achieve Level 3 in the metal clay Master's Registry.

Chris Darway wrote a great tutorial on tool modification that starts on page 25. I took a class with him at Rio Grande a few years ago experimenting with window glass and metal clay. Too much fun.

Michael David Sturlin tells us (almost) everything we ever wanted to know about the intricacies of pliers. His favorite pair are made by Alan Revere! I didn't even know that Alan (whom I don't know, so why do I call him by his first name?) had a line of pliers. Terrific information Michael. Thanks. I took a class on chain making with Michael through the Metal Arts Society of Southern California that was so fun!

There's a gorgeous feature interview with master enamelist Amy Roper Lyons, who I don't know either in person or online, but I loooove her work so much and was excited to learn a bit more about her.

Miss Maggie Bergman's fantbulous "Brunswick Bracelet" is in the gallery section. Not only is Maggie a dear friend (although it's hard to get together for tea much since she lives in Australia), but I've seen this gorgeous silver architecture in person. Wowzga!

Colleen Baran is a cyber "friend" that I know from Flickr and Facebook. She's also playing along in the Ring a Day challenge and her "Cloud Ring #2" which is actually a 10 band set is also highlighted in the gallery.

And most amazingly Lynnette Andreason's unbelievable hand stitched, pierced and etched platter called "Defining Moments" is on the last page! Such an honor. Lynette just got her Master's Degree from Arizona State University. Her thesis show, Invented Heirlooms was spectacular (although I only got to see a bit of it online) and I'm happily awaiting two pieces from the Spoon series.

I'm really so tickled that I recognize so many of the names in this particular issue. It really makes me realize how the internet has made art and artists so accessible. From Great Britain to Australia, and Arizona to Pennsylvania - the world is getting smaller every day. And we're all a part of it. Gotta love it!

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Phoenix said...

I think we all had a good time... I know I did :)