Thursday, April 1, 2010

Call For Entry!

As if I didn't have enough to do, I'm thinking about self publishing an A-Z book of metal clay related terms and words. A recent discussion in the Etsy MetalClay team's yahoo page about trying to explain metal clay to customers got me started thinking that a bit of explanation in depth might be welcome in the community at large. I'm not sure whether there will be one or two terms per letter, but definitely not more than that.

To illustrate it and add a bit of visual interest, I'd like to ask for photos of letters done in metal clay. They can be made with PPP's tearaways, etched, stamped (please make sure they are copyright free), pierced, formed with coils of clay - anything your imagination can dream up. One letter per image. If you make small alphabet charms as part of your regular work, feel free to have a shot of multiples - a little collection of the letter A's spilling out of a salt dish for example.

Photos must be clear, may be styled like an Etsy shot (not overly fussy please) or as a professional submission photo. Only one letter each will be chosen. So out of all possible submissions I'll only use 26! Perhaps I'll use alternates on the front and back covers, but I'm not promising.

I'm only sending this call to the Etsy Team, my local Guild (and it's readers), my blog and my FB page. Please do NOT re post this on the Yahoo Group or any other site. The deadline is May 28. You may submit as many letters as you like or only one spectacular example.

Please send 300 dpi images that are at least 4x3" (although they can be larger) to my e-mail at LoraHartJewels (@) Earthlink (dot) net. I may crop them to better fit in the drop and drag program that I'm using.

I'm hoping to have this finished and ready for publication by the Conference at Purdue this July! I'd love to bring some with me.

Thanks. Hope to see some pretty things from some of you.

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Angela said...

Very cool idea, Lora! I'm sure it will be a great one !