Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy - Lady Orlando Edition

I'm in love with this artist! I've never "met" her, not in cyber space and certainly not in real life. I just stalk her gorgeous work on Flickr. Allow me to introduce you to The Lady Orlando.

"I'm not an artist, a painter, a singer, a photographer, a poet, a human, a child, a man, a woman, a cat, animal, mineral, vegetal, a ghost or a dream.

I'm not nothing of this and I am all."

She's from Mexico and has the most interesting visions I've seen in a long time. Her illustrations are dreams, fantasies, worlds waiting to be discovered. Earths inhabited by a stunningly beautiful population. Their cheeks intrigue me so. There are always the cheeks. Pink, red, white, black, outlined... the unifying theme in her illustrations. Are they blushing? Flushed with exertion? Glowing with contentment?

Most of the drawings on Flickr are taken from the pages of her piles of journals. I long to hang something of hers in my little studiolo, but alas - she does not sell online (that I know of).


DeAnne said...

Wow, Lora what a great find, thank you for posting this

Alicia said...

Thank you Lora. She is magical! I too would love to have something of hers. I will continue looking for her.