Monday, March 1, 2010


I think you all know that I'm taking part in a Flickr challenge to make a Ring A Day. Although I've been very absent for the last two weeks. It's hard to live one's life and be creative *every single day*! Not really - I guess I've just been distracted.

But now is a great time to jump back in with both feet! 50 jewelry makers have joined in with Thomasin Durgin to donate a ring for Haiti! The auctions are being listed here and my ring goes on the block starting today! Please take a moment to peruse the offerings and see if there's anything listed that tickles your fancy. And check back - there are still more waiting to be listed.

My two day ring class went really well. We learned how to make a wrap ring, a traditional band, a riveted Roman ring and on the second day I shared my technique for making hollow rings. This is the one I made as my sample. Yet to be fired. Looks a bit like lips or a mustache doesn't it? Happy accident.


Phoenix said...

Congrats Lora . . . I'll check out that site and the ring is definitely a happy accident . . . I vote lips :)

kait said...

Your hollow rings are some of my favorites of your work. Love the relief detail on this one!

Phoenix said...

oh . . . and I meant to say, that we are all creative, all the time . . . no distraction, just a different form aof creation. Sometimes it can be about creating a 'fire' in someone else :)