Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shout out!

Good morning L.A. (and the rest of the world)!

I'm told that someone tried to sign up for my next Level One Certification class which is on April 10 and 11, but neglected to leave their name or an understandable phone number. It would be such a shame if they missed the class due to such a simple snafu. If it was you, you know who they might be or if you just want to sign up yourself - This is how ya gotta roll!

In other news... Miss D'Ella Cato Fitzgerald is approaching her first birthday! As is her brother Diego Pigletta de Velazquez y Santana (who is camera shy today). Isn't she just the prettiest bench mate a jewelry lovin' gal could have?! She's a tiny little thing though. Only about the size of a 6 month old. Her brother is probably 4 pounds heavier and half again as big as she. Although I don't know for sure 'cos they haven't been to the vet in ages. Thankfully.

They're so different in other ways too. Ella is much more active and a bit smarter I think. She loves to play fetch with a felted ball and jumps high in the air to catch it sometimes. Maybe her father was Chatquille o'Neal. She knows her name (although she doesn't always come when called) and purrs better than any Mazarati ever could.

Diego is a big lumbering boy. He *wants* to chase the flies, but loses interest after about five minutes. He's excellent at lounging though. Descended from Roman Senators I'm sure. He's more the quiet type too. Except for when I'm a little slow at mealtime. Then he's all activity and noise. Isn't that always the way? ;D

We'll be celebrating their birthdays on the 23rd and I'll try to catch a snap of Diego to commemorate the occasion. In the meantime - here's a little remembrance of when they first joined the family. Shot right before they totally devoured that plant. Which I had kept alive for 6 years!


Lore said...

I love your babies !!!
I wish them a wonderful happy birthday, they have the best mom of the world !
D'Ella is beautiful and Diego has best name ever!!!

Lorena said...

I have 2 fur babies myself and they make every day so special. Please wish them a Happy Birthday from another cat momma.