Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy - Victoria Takahashi Edition

Victoria Takahasi, otherwise known as Experimetal, is one of my very favorite Flickr contacts. She's so innovative, precise, imaginative and just downright hysterical!

Her humor shows in almost every one of the photos in her Flickr stream. Intentionally goof photos of herself or her adorable fur family, jewelry designs with a slightly off beat bent, and the comments she leaves on others photos always amuse and amaze me.

And the show pieces that she's made for the various jewelry challenges she's taken part in are so spectacular that I've taken a short break from commenting on her photos. Just how often can one gush without becoming redundant? This is one artist whose work deserves to be digested.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Lora, oh my goodness you are too kind! THANK YOU for your generous eloquent words, you made me smile and feel suddenly very grateful and humble for people like youself who will watch my jorney and say nice things about me :) I only share my work online at the moment and only sell on Etsy, so nice feedback from friends like you is a great warmth to my soul.

Thank you again Lora :)