Thursday, December 17, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

Clasp with fine silver wire and Three Texture Pendant

I'm getting ready to teach my very first Level 2 Certification class in January. So this week has been dedicated to thinking about the schedule, timing, available lunch options and making the demo pieces that will demonstrate each of the projects.

Cert classes involve a lot of back and forth. Starting one project, doing some finishing work on another and planning or quick sketching a third - all at the same time. One of the things I like best about the PMCC program is that it gives the student a lot of leeway to create their own original designs, tweak the sample so that it fits their own style. But that also introduces the possibility that there will be too much time dedicated to getting the design perfect, which takes time away from the actual *making* of the piece. In a classroom situation - timing is everything, and in a certification class where the projects need to be totally finished by the end of the second day, compromises sometimes need to be made. The idea is to learn the technique. Not fabricate a masterpiece.

But if the teacher spends the time to really think about pacing, give students basic information at the beginning of the weekend which will help them to start thinking about projects that might not be started until the next day - that little bit of pre planning time will help to make a more successful, stress free and creative experience for everyone.

If you've thought about taking the Level 2, I'd love to see you next year! And if you still need to complete the Level 1 I've got one of those in April. Just sayin' :D

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