Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting To The Bottom...

Paper! Where does it come from? Envelopes, junk mail, bills, handouts, receipts, business cards, notes on little scraps of unrecognized ephemera...

That's my challenge for the day. Really it's a challenge every day of my life. It just seems to appear - unbidden, uncollected, unwanted. I know, I know, if only I would take care of those rectangles of white at the end of every day... If only I would simply open the envelope to see if it's something I need to keep, take care of or file in the cylindrical container I could be in charge of my life. But the paper seems to be winning.

I just found a bill for my business license which was due in November and a check for work I did in October. Certainly this can't be good for my cash flow! And to top it off my file cabinet fell apart and I've just been too lazy to fix it. It's a nice file cabinet that a friend donated to me when re arranging things. It only needs a little wood glue (which I don't usually keep around the house) and a piece of metal to support one side of the files. I can get the metal thingie at Staples, but then I have to find someone with a saw sturdy enough to cut it to the right length. Arrgh... Maybe I should just rent a husband for a day. Any volunteers? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, all energy today will be dedicated to 1. going through every piece of pulp in the place, 2. lunch with a dear woman I haven't seen in too long, and then 3. dealing with the piles of receipt books I need to go through to prepare my sales taxes. I *will* have them done before the first of the year. Really. I will!

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