Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Liz Steiner Edition

Liz Steiner is a new Flickr discovery for me. I recently happened upon her photostream and fell in love. Beach Cycle consists of black sand; beach stones or salt sewn into delicate, transparent fiber pouches and jagged bits of slate bound with string. The collections of nature's flotsom and jetsom, Cad/Cam designs and sun printing/cyanotype experiments in her pages are equally fascinating.

I don't know her at all yet. Haven't read any of her commentary, just found her blog five minutes ago and don't know what the inspiration behind her work is, but this quote from her blog gives me a hint into her process:

" I only make brooches and neckpieces. Large neckpieces. I think this is because I love these things I work with so much and what they represent to me, that I literally want to wrap my self in them. Cover myself. Swathe my self in them like a favorite blanket. I love these things and I want them on my person. I want them within reach."

I so agree! I want them within reach too. ;-) I'm so happy to have discovered her imaginative; thoughtful and unique gems.

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Lore said...

Ohhhhh WOW !!!!
Everything is so gorgeous !!!