Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick and Easy

I love old Roman Rings and have always wanted to make myself one but never did. Then when I was trying to come up with a riveting project for a class, I looked at my friend Dona's hand and saw this. Well, one like it. Hers was a forged band with three brass beads riveted in place.

Perhaps taking pictures in the early morning light is not such a good thing.

So cute. So easy. I'm spending the rest of the day making more to take to my show at the Contemporary Crafts Market the first weekend of November. (Sans fabulous woven PMC paper barrel bead)

This one's mine. I drilled the first holes too low and the ring didn't fit.

I'd love to see some of you there! Click on the link above for a get in free ticket!


Moda di Magno said...

LOVE THIS! So clean and simple and gorgeous!

Cathy said...

Great riveting project! It's brilliant - and has "successful experience" written all over it!

Janice said...

There's something so beautiful about simple lines. I have a great solution for your ring. Just add polymer clay possibly blue to match the stone) to the inside of the holes and now it's a design element! If you've never worked with polymer clay, I'd do it for you if you'd like. Love your blog!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks Lori and Cathy!

And Janice, that's a great idea. Not sure how the Amazonite would do in the toaster oven though. Might try anyway.

Janice said...

You can always pre-cure the polymer clay and 2-part epoxy it in.

hint said...

this is so neat! I've been looking through ancient jewelry books at the library again and the rings are so sculptural like this.

Michelle Ross said...

I'd fill those holes with heat involved. The holes have to be pretty small, so I'm guessing resin would stay better, and might actually be easier than trying to glue polymer in there.

If you have the same mishap again, I would use a contrasting metal, brass or copper, and stick a flush rivet in that hole. It then becomes a design element that you don't have to worry about glue, or it popping out. I can't tell from the photo if you could still do that now. I'm guessing NOT!

Great looking ring......drill more holes in the shank, then it will look like you meant it!

I'll stop now!