Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home, Part 1

Well, I went to San Francisco - but although there were no flowers in my hair I had a fantabulous time! Miss Catherine picked me up at the Oakland airport and then we drove into the city where we met up with Ruth, Jennifer and Sue for lunch. Velvet Da Vinci was wonderful and I so recommend it to anyone going to Northern California. We spent about two hours looking at all the work , and then looked at it all again and again and again. The sales person was really nice and showed us many pieces, allowing us to try on, examine and dream a little dream of ownership. Sigh.

Catherine, Moi, Jennifer, Sue, Ruth

Later on Catherine and I went to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park to get our culture on. There were galleries with wonderful art of the (south) Americas, glass, and 18th century oils.

At one point I looked from one gallery into another one and saw a taxidermied swan hanging on the wall! As I walked closer I was flabbergasted to discover that it was a trompe l'oile oil painting. The photo below does NOT do it any justice at all.

Sadly I neglected to note the artist. Bad !

We saw a couple of contemporary sculpture/works that I've seen in magazines. Karen La Monte's Glass dress was un believably beautiful. I soooo wanted to touch it. But the guard was right there. Fooey.

And then there was the striking sequin ... sculpture? suit? artwork by Nick Cave. Even more amazing than the photos in Ornament magazine promised.

I was even lucky enough to see one of Georgia O'Keefe's glorious flower paintings.

Of course the De Young has many fabulous Museum Stores which Catherine and I just had to visit too. And somehow, magically, our wallets opened and green paper floated out of them and into the coffers of the De Young. How did that happen?! In exchange, we each went home with earrings by one of my favorite jewelry artists, Eric Silva.

Antler and ruby. Mine!

All in all, I had a grand time. Must go back soon.


Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

how exciting!
love that glass dress, amazing!

Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I'm jealous! Glad y'all had so much fun.

Diane Weimer said...

Sounds like a great trip! Would love to see the glass dress.

Wendy said...

OMG what a fun time! One of my favorite cities and such great people!
And to top it off you got a pair of Eric's earrings.
I have earrings and pendant of his ... I so love his
jewelry and wish he did shows here in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Jealous! Wish I HAD gone now....darn work!

Glad you had a fantastic time. I didn't get to go to the deYoung as it was closed when we were there but the Tut show was open..go figure.


HappyDayArt! said...

Great job writing this up Lora. It was really fun! Very good seeing you and being the reason for all of us to meet up and I hope you come back again soon.


Chocolate and Steel said...

beautiful pictures. That glass dress is unreal.

Ruth said...

It was a great time. So good to see you. Hope you'll come back up again soon.... Did your class go well?

Nicola said...

Darn I wish I lived closer....
but over the pond is a long way to come. Looks like you all had a fabulous time :)
Nic x