Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Natasha Wozniak Edition

It's no great shock that I'm an admirer of Natasha Wozniak's work. I fell in love with her a long time ago and am delighted to see her new designs on Flickr. Curls, tendrils and spirals. More of the very black patina. I'm seeing a trend in my tastes.

The silver (really it's platinum) ring in the third row is more like the designs I originally admired. The wire is round, the ends have been forged into a point and the curls are more flowing and feminine.

But the new version is lovely too. Square wire with straight ends. More contemporary, masculine and bold.

And that brocade with the delicate tendrils on top! Love that. Might have to try to adapt it to metal clay. Is that copying? I guess it is. But maybe I can find a way to make it my own.

Christine, Michelle and Paige have some Eye Candy to share too. go check it out.


eve said...

wow what a great collection, and what a talent this lady has,

Chocolate and Steel said...

great collection! it's amazing how you can take one theme and do so many different things with it. They all look unique yet the collection very much has a cohesive style.

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Take a look at her website Christine. The older collection is there. I realllly love those.

Andrew Thornton said...

Eye candy indeed!