Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Laurie Brown* Edition

Laurie Brown is one of my first Flickr finds and her work and photostream delight me. Laurie uses the technique of sand casting to make her silver and golden bones, wings, claws, shells, nuts, and other anatomical treasures. For the San Francisco gallery Paxton Gate - she includes both the finished item and the object it was molded from. Even her packaging is made to order. Each piece comes with it's own unique specimin tag, nestled into a round wooden box.

Her photostream is a journey into a world of wonder and delight. The photos of her personal collections are elegant and beautifully styled, shots of her life, sights around her neighborhood and furry family are fascinating, and the glimpse into her process is an education in and of itself. To say nothing of the stunning jewels that are presented.

I'm lucky enough to own two pieces by Laurie. A wonderful quail foot ring and a little silver seahorse. {thank you again*} Be sure to drop by her shop. Her work is hard to pass up.

Take a look at Christine's blog to see what lovey candy she's collected this weeked. Paige is out of town at a huge show and Michelle has puppy issues so they haven't been playing lately. But hopefully - next weekend things will be back to normal. Have a good one.


sophie (duckduckgoosestuff) said...

you and me both; I love Laurie's eye. I'm lucky enough to have a silver wishbone she made and I wear it nearly constantly; it's completely perfect.

and yes, the packaging is beyond astonishing.

Experimetal said...

laurie brown is an amazing artist.
what a lovely collage and homage to her!

Chocolate and Steel said...

I love that peanut charm! It makes me smile and now I'm hungry too.