Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, the last time we "met" I told you that my lovely kitty Sweets had passed and that I was going out just to meet some new little playmates. Really... I was just going to look. No touching! HA!!!

Senior Diego Pigletta de Velazquez

I took one look at these two and it was all over. Their Mother was a Blue Point Siamese. Which explains the brown fur! Very unusual. And they're so sweet. Purring, kneading... biting, clawing, wreaking havoc. ;-) 

Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez
They could be twins. Look at the mustache and goatee! They both part their hair in the middle. What other proof do you need?

No one reminded me that I'd have to child proof the apartment. Two plants are now dead and the pussy willows will be given to a friend. Good thing the carpet and furniture are old. *note to self - buy powerful water spritzer*

Principessa Ella Fitz. Fitz what I don't know yet. At the moment I'm leaning toward Fitz Delicato. But we'll see. There's still time to add more descriptors to her name.

I'm really happy to welcome them to my home and call them my new family. Yes, I'm one of those.


CathDesigns said...

They're beautiful! And you are so wise to welcome new friends when you have lost a loved one. Hope you have a long, happy time with them.

Anonymous said...

Oh what beautiful babies! You will so enjoy them...
I have two princesses, Leia and Bella! They are part bengal! They are little devils. Here comes Leia now for her morning Kneading..

Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...

They're precious, Lora! Enjoy, enjoy!

The two vets we use for our Bailey and Taj have better descriptions for kneading: "Doing pushies" and "making biscuits". Gotta love 'em! xoxo

Experimetal said...

congratulations on your new additions :DDD

HappyDayArt! said...

Really cute! May you live happily ever after~


Andrew Thornton said...

Soooooo cute! I love kittens! I am easily distracted by kittens. I was once late for an appointment because I saw kittens under a car in a parking lot. When they asked me why I was late I said, "Oh, there were kittens." Needless to say, there was a lot of eyebrow raising and crazy looks passed my way... but kittens are just so cute!