Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy -Vina Rust Edition

Vina Rust's work is the perfect example of taking a single element and a single theme and exploring the heck out them to create a signature style.

Using only commercial tubing (sometimes called chenier), a bit of sheet silver to act as a skin and her fascination with cellular structures and botanical illustrations, Vina has developed a line of jewelry that is truly unlike any thing I've ever seen before.

She groups individual pieces in series' called "Stained Cell", "Cysts & Symmetries" and "Stamen", but to me they're so harmonious as to be conceived with a single thought. Microscopic slices of organic origin that are both contemporary and comfortably familiar.

I love her work. And the very next time I'm in San Francisco I'll be sure to drop by the Velvet Da Vinci Gallery to see some of it in person.

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Vina Rust is one of my very favorite jewellers!
I have always admired her work and design aesthetic.

Ruth said...

Love the cells. Amazing work. They conjure up happy memories of when I was in research...

Vickie Hallmark said...

I just love her work! I don't know which piece I would choose if I could own one.

Diane said...

Vina Rust's work is just amazing. I love her pieces... such precision and such seemingly effortless beauty. Wonderful!