Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up and At 'Em

I did it. I'm so pleased with myself that I didn't use tiredness as an excuse.

The first phase of the shop update is complete. Phase 2 will occur next Wednesday. Please take the time to peruse my new pretties, and perhaps give some of them some love (a heart would be great).

Non me related post working for tomorrow! ;-)


Ruth said...

Great rings with the surprise sapphire in. Just love them.

Angela said...

Wow, Lora, great production ! And an example I need right now for me to shake, shake, shake ... ;o)
They are all very cool.

Paige said...

I'm out of town right now and can't seem to get outgoing email to work here so I'm abusing your blog comments section to remind you that I"m out of town until the 23rd. I'm getting my email so feel free to send me stuff but I'm not able to send...yet. So I can't grassy knoll tomorrow or today, but thanks for the offer, I would have said yes. Paige

PS love the new line.