Monday, August 24, 2009

Shamed into Action

A few of us girls have decided to work on the metal clay Master's Registry together. Cindy Silas, Donna Penoyer, Vickie Hallmark, Tonya Davidson and I have formed a sort of artsy cheerleading squad. Some of us have had the best of intentions for way too long (hrumph - no comments from the peanut gallery), some have just decided to take the plunge and Miss Tonya actually had 6 projects completed before she got derailed.

Final Doodles and Drawings

So we all need a little nudge. In fact Tonya and I talked about joining forces as support for each other months ago. Then at the beginning of summer Donna heard about it and wanted to join us. See, even the squad itself has been in the works way too long. So last week I sent out an ultimatum! With my tongue firmly nuzzled into my cheek I said that we all had to have a paper mock up by the end of the week! The nerve.

Decided to make a template with no flowers so I could place them individually

And didn't little Miss Vickie, a brand new member, shame us all and get the job done! Well! So yesterday I took myself to a lovely little hole in the wall coffee joint/newsstand with my Penland book for inspiration, a pad of paper and some colored pencils and sat for about three hours, trying out different designs. 

What a great time (I want to type another exclamation point - but I think I've passed my quota). Dola in Venice is my new backyard. The entrance is just an alley between two buildings that opens up onto a magically dilapidated brick courtyard with vintage tables and chairs sprinkled about. The coffee is served out of a party thermos with milk, cream, a variety of teas with a hot water thermos, raw sugar cubes and your choice of china or paper cups. That's it. No food, No frills. Just drinks and reads. I may be back every day.

Drew over the design with soft pencil and burnished it onto a Speedball Rubber block

Anyway.... I drew a design I really liked and went straight to Staples to blow it up 118% - then got home and had to get to work immediately. This is what I came up with.

Didn't like the imprint, so I carved  it on cooked polymer clay instead. Better.

I'm still not sure about the lower level (which will be flocked copper) or the sapphires (might be gilding the lily) or what kind of brooch finding I'll use (commercial or home made), but I'm likin' it.

I think perhaps I'll just post works in progress and not the final piece. I may want to keep it private and special for a while. Then, a year from now, when I pass the first level I can post them all at once.  Won't that be impressive! (another exclamation) Wish us all luck.


Sarasota Sarah said...

I am loving being a voyeur to your process! Now to figure out the blogging game.

Moda di Magno said...

I LOVE where this is going. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...

This is going to be wonderful, Lora! And what an enjoyable process to watch. How I wish I could sketch ...

Can't wait to see your future posts on this topic!

Vickie Hallmark said...

Ah, I was a bit worried that perhaps I'd stuck my foot in it with my teasing that I'd actually DONE the tongue-in-cheek challenge. Now that the creative bug has bitten you, maybe you'll forgive me! ;-))

It's going to be fabulous!!!

Molli said...

Lora - very beautiful! Loved reading about your process!

Nicola said...

Love the coffee shop, love the process but most of all ADORE where your piece is going
Nicola x

carol said...

Good on you all Lora, your piece is looking good, we had a similar idea here but its still only talk

Chocolate and Steel said...

oh my god, Lora. This is so beautiful. I can't wait to see the completed piece. The design is just gorgeous.

MoonRae said...

BooHoo, you're gonna make us wait a year to see the finished piece?? oh well, I will little teaser! by the way, it's already beautiful

Pat Evans said...

Great process post! It's going to be a lovely piece. And your post was the final straw in my decision to give the registry process a go. I just sent in my $$. Thanks, I think.