Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ring Around the Rosey...

I know I'm supposed to be taking pictures for the shop update tomorrow, but I woke up this morning and had the urge to make some rings! I made the copper signets a while ago and they have been gathering dust in a tray ever since. 

This shank is 12g sterling silver wire that happened to also be hanging around. For maybe 7 years! I want to experiment with Kate's oval metal clay ring shanks. Love the idea. But then again,  I want to brush up my soldering/fabrication skills, so I like the idea of milled wire shanks too.

pickle me, picklllle meeee..

My original idea was stacking rings, but this particular size would fight with others. So he may end up being a solitaire. I want to spend the morning making ring shanks in various sizes and use up all that ancient wire, then I might solder on the signets and run errands that haven't been attempted since last Thursday.

I'll take the pictures tomorrow and do the shop update in the evening. There's that inner Scarlett pushing to get out again. I should wrap her up in her hoops and shut her in the barn!


Zoe Nelson said...

I channel Scarlett all the time!

Susan Dilger said...

Like, like like!!!!! More, more, more!!!

Chocolate and Steel said...

I love it, Lora. Stacking rings? Can't wait to see those. What are the oval shanks? Curious