Monday, August 3, 2009

A Day Late and a Project Short

I spent all Saturday researching astrology for the OAW. Even looked at the Chinese version. Thought I came up with something good, but on Sunday when it was half finished decided I hated it. And then I stupidly made a date with a friend to see Harry Potter today, so that leaves no time for last minute designs. Which means that I'll be posting results and the next challenge on Tuesday. Sorry. I'm a big wastrel.

EDIT: Victoria didn't get to it either (perhaps she had company she found much more interesting), so I think we'll just carry over this challenge to next week. 


Donna Penoyer said...

Yeah, well, consistency can be a hobgoblin, too. Are there any hobgoblins in astrology? If you're going to the movies, be the hottest, fiercest, most open and committed, in-the-moment Queen of Going to the Movies you can be. And then it's ALL art. No regrets! No apologies!

Experimetal said...

i didn't get to it either!
kinda funny really...
and im not going to~~~~~~~
neener-neener :D

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Well, if Victoria didn't get to it and *I* didn't get to it - I think we'll just re schedule it to next week. ;-)

NinaGibsonDesigns said...

Well, I'm back from my mini-vacation and maybe I'll get to it this time around.

Experimetal said...

ok today is sunday the 9th.
and I cannot do the challenge, sorry.
also I will not be doing next weeks either, I will be gone for most of the end of the week so, sorry twice :)
have fun and I cant wait to see your awesome pieces as usual!