Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy -Handmade Edition

All these lovelies were found on Flickr searching for "silver handmade jewelry" in Everyone's Uploads.

Have a great weekend. I have so much to do. I'll be helping my friend Christine of Chocolate and Steel with her very first wholesale show at the L.A. Gift show at the Convention Center today, then tomorrow I'll be dropping in on Patrick Kusek's copper/bronze class and I have a class of my own to teach on Sunday! Whoosh. Busy girl. ;- )

Why don't you go visit Michelle and Paige to see what they've discovered?


Michelle Ross said...

Cool finds as usual! For some reason, #14 especially grabs me.

Paige said...

Love the ring in position #9 so cool. I also won't say no to the bracelet in #1 position. Great Eye Candy as always.

meero said...

wonderful craftsmanship! it's an honor to be included. thanks for featuring my Seedling Earrings (#14). i made a pair for myself too.

Billy James said...

Hey great work..
I have never seen anything like it before. These are truly great and unique..
I have especially like the "blue skull" ring it looks very different.