Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Elvira H. Mateu Edition

I've been thinking about "bodies of work" and developing both a line and a personal look for my jewelry lately. I definitely think I have a point of view, but not sure that my pieces, laid out on a table, present a cohesive theme. So I've been looking at the work of artists that I admire and trying to pinpoint just *exactly* what it is that attracts me.

I love Elvira Mateu's jewelry. I'd own almost every piece she designs if my wallet would let me. I love the organic nature of her work. Her pieces are both whimsical and sophisticated. The natural textures that she utilizes are beautiful, the matte finish has an industrial bent that I love, the stark black and white patina's are deceivingly simple and raw, the unfinished edges are seductive and her vision is clearly understandable.

I see a great argument for a university education in the arts. It offers a broad background in materials and technique. The ability to experiment and play while learning your craft is a gift I'd love to have been able to take advantage of. The sheer amount of time spent creating and the challenges presented by the teacher's assignments with the luxury of having someone to answer questions the minute you need an answer sounds heaven sent.

This is what I was hoping the Master's Registry would do for me. But I haven't even started it yet. And when did I write the post asking for suggestions? How many months has it been since I signed up for it?

Well, I'm starting my prep right now. By beginning a series of Eye Candy's featuring some of my Flickr contacts. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. And if you have thoughts about the artists I present, I hope you'll share them here.


Lore said...

Thanks Lora for taking your time to put this pieces together!
I am a fan of Elvira's work too. All her pieces have this wonderful organic feeling, the textures are incredible.

Ruth said...

Sounds like an interesting way to explore your own niche by looking at the work you love best by others. I was not familiar with Elvira's work - love the color contrasts... Happy exploring...

Vickie Hallmark said...

Oh, one of MY favorites, too!

I think this is a great project, no doubt because I do the same thing. I have my Book of Attractions that I blogged about where I see the trends in work that attracts me, and then I keep files on particular artists whose work really calls to me.

It's particularly frustrating to me, because every time I work on it, I realize the things I admire so much are just not present in most of the work I've been doing. I keep trying to consciously move in a different direction, but it's slow work.

And you're not the only one working on that Master's Registry project (without a single step of progress on my part). I think I need a group to work that through with -- DEADLINES, you know? Interested?